The educational philosophy of Colegio Israelita de México ORT follows the following principles:

 Jewish values and principles in line with the centrality of Israel.

  • Student-centered education.
  • Democratization of education.
  • Collaborative learning.
  • Respect for individuality.
  • Preparation for life.


Colegio Israelita de México ORT should be the best educational option in Mexico for the Jewish community. It should become a global reference due to the way it develops its school community potential thanks to high educational quality, comprehensive programs that constantly evolve, and an inclusive approach.


To contribute to the education of people with a global vision, Jewish identity, recognition of the centrality of the State of Israel, patriotism, and social responsibility who are passionate for learning, creativity, and intelligent work so that they can become successful and transcend as upright human beings.


Values guide our behavior; they allow us to set goals and personal and collective purposes. Values reflect our interests, feelings and convictions.


“We provide a warm, yet disciplined, environment so that our families can have a healthy space”.


“We are constantly updating, and we offer cutting-edge education in terms of programs, training and technology”.


“We educate responsible Mexicans who are proud of our history, culture and tradition”.


“Since 1924, we offer a high academic level thus educating successful leaders for society”.


“We maintain our Jewish roots, a bond with the State of Israel, and our commitment to the Diaspora”.


“We encourage individuality by developing critical and creative thinking in each student”.


“We are upright people, guided by universal values and principles”.

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